Retracare Extended Warranty

As part of our services, we can provide our appliances with a Retracare Protection Plan which offers up to 5 years extra protection across a large range of domestic appliances.

You can add the Protection Plan onto your order, or if you are undecided at the time of purchase, you have up to 30 days to add a Protection Plan to your order. This can be done by getting in touch with us in store or over the phone.

Who provides the Protection Plan cover?

Your Retracare Protection Plan coverage is provided and administered by Retracare who are the extended warranty arm of RETRA - The Radio Electrical & Television Retailers Association. Established in 1942, they operate from over 1600 outlets in the UK which include electrical retailers, such as domestic and computer goods, music shops and service engineers.

What does the Protection Plan cover?

The plan covers repairs and replacement costs following any breakdowns that are mechanical or electrical. Retracare can offer accidental damage coverage but some items included may already be covered with your home insurance. It is advisable to contact you insurance provider to see what is already included before enquiring.

By simply purchasing one of their protection plans you will receive:

  1. A simple claims procedure
  2. No repair charges
  3. An unlimited number of repairs
  4. Guaranteed 'like for like' replacement

Who do I contact to make a claim?

You can call Retracare direct on 01234 245900 to register the claim. Their opening hours Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

Who pays for any service costs?

The protection plan will cover all service costs and Retracare will pay the repairer directly. You will not need to provide any payment.

What if the product cannot be repaired?

If the appliance cannot be repaired or is considered to be Beyond Economical Repair, the protection plan will cover the cost of a replacement appliance that will match the specification of the original appliance.


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