January and February are the coldest months of the year, when damp and mould are more likely to occur. This can cause unpleasant mould growth, musty smells and sometimes long term damage to the structure of your home. So, what causes it and how can you prevent it?

Condensation, windowThe science…

Low outside temperatures cool the external walls of your home and cause condensation, damp and mould. When the weather gets colder, moisture condenses on cold surfaces like windows or unused room walls. Not only can condensation and damp create problems in the home like unsightly mould, excess moisture can also penetrate your walls causing condensation, which damages the structure of your home.

Modern houses are like sealed boxes. Moisture created every day from showering, cooking, laundry drying and even breathing builds up. It’s estimated that a person breathes out over a pint of water every 24 hours! The excess water we create then travels around the house looking for the coldest part of the house on which to collect (typically a window), where the outside temperature makes the window cold. The excess moisture then condenses and becomes water – or condensation on the window. A dehumidifier attracts this excess moisture and collects it in a water container for safe disposal.

Why a dehumidifier?

EBAC Dehumidifiers available at JBPostle, treat condensation, damp problem

- Condensation and excess moisture can propagate damp and mould growth. Both of these can impact your health and damage your home.
- Excess moisture can also penetrate your walls and wall cavities causing interstitial condensation which damages the structure of your home.
- Damp homes also feel cooler. Using a dehumidifier will allow you to reduce your thermostat by 1 degree -  with no discernible difference in the feeling of warmth in your home.

At JB Postle, we stock a range of British made Ebac dehumidifiers which will eliminate condensation, damp and mould problems by extracting the excess moisture from your home and depositing it into a water container to be emptied.

There are different types available depending on house size/ number of occupants You can buy in store and speak to one of our friendly team for advice or click here to browse the range and order online for free next working day delivery.

EBAC Dehumidifiers available at JBPostle, treat condensation, damp problem