Do you suffer from allergies or Asthma? Are you worried about air pollution, smoke or even catching a cold that little Johnny has brought home from playschool?

Maybe you should consider Dyson's new range of air purifying fans and heaters. The carbon filter removes gases and a glass Hepa filter captures 99.5% of microscopic allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns.

The Dyson HP04 Pure Hot+Cool™ Purifier monitors the air quality in your room and warns you of issues on its display and even gives you real time warnings on your smart phone. For example, it can warn you of a high level of pollen and allergens. It can even warn you about harmful gasses and pollutants. Your Dyson HP04 will sense and capture this pollution and bacteria, then project out purified air.

So, if running noses and itchy eyes are a seasonal problem and breathing is troubled by a wheeze, then Dyson's air purifiers are a must. Hot+Cool™ Purifier